Tool to compare Mendix revisions

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The first utility to identify quickly the differences between two Mendix revisions

Great external app for Mendix modeller!

We use this app very often in our team to track down causes of bug in Mendix app.

This tool is very valuable

Excelllent to review all changes

Precise comparison

We compare all details of Mendix microflow including:

  • Properties of microflow action
  • Properties of microflow
  • Between different branches

Domain model diff

We compare all changes of Mendix DomainModel including:

  • Properties of Entity
  • Properties of Attribute
  • Between different branches

Intuitive visual interaction

The tool helps you detect the changes and navigate in easiest way:

  • Coloring border of modified (blue), inserted (green), deleted (red) microflow action
  • Side-by-side visual differencing
  • Click to navigate/highlight changes and coresponding mircoflow action
  • Overview bar of all changes
  • Hide/show the similar information
  • Hide/show side or position difference